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good food day

This afternoon/evening's achievement: homemade bread and 101 Cookbooks' Giant Chipotle White Beans*.
I used the short-soak method on the beans, which has a double advantages over the night-soak method: it breaks down more of the compounds that make beans gassy and requires less planning ahead. In case you are not familiar with the short-soak method, it involves bringing the water and dried beans to a boil, boiling for 3 minutes, then letting them sit for 2-4 hours before cooking for the same amount of time used for the night-soak. If timed well, this produces a nice warm thermally dense object that can be put in a lightly pre-heated** oven with the rising bread. I feel very clever.

*minus the cilantro pesto and breadcrumbs, which are probably lovely but not actually necessary
** 100F while mixing up the bread then turned off
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