tjewell (hydrolagus) wrote,

Stuff Swap Nov 5-6

Sorry about the short notice! The Swap approacheth: November 5-6, in the evening on Saturday from 6 until midnight-ish. and from noon til 7ish on Sunday. I'll have some nibbles and probably a pot of Susan Grossman's amazing daal; more snacks are welcome if you enjoy doing that.

[Unknown LJ tag]A review of how it works:
What to bring: Clothes, small furniture, housey stuff, books, plants, crafting stuff, even food--pretty much anything useable that can be transported by bus/compact car. Larger objects might be accommodated with some warning. Maybe. I can take some things beforehand if you need to drop them off early, but it's more fun if you bring them when you arrive.

There is always lots left over (like 15-20 bags), so if you don't have anything to bring, come anyway to get stuff, socialize, and offer fashion advice

We have two levels at Hawthorn House: upstairs for clothing and housewares, downstairs for books, toys and everything else. If you have heavy stuff that belongs downstairs, you can bring it around the back and not have to deal with stairs.
If you need a ride, let me know and I'll try to arrange something.
<'lj cut>
If there's someone you know who really ought to come to this (and you can vouch for their good behavior), feel free to pass this along.
Hope to see you here!
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